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About US

InstaData Systems

At Instadata, we specialize in handling Big Data and Turnkey Analytics. Our abilities include -

Interpreting Data - The data you possess could be structured or unstructured, single or multi-dimensional. One of our core competencies is to help you to simplify it, leading to subsequent interpretation and organization.

Analytics - Through turnkey analytics, we enable you to identify and capture critical data, which can be utilized to improve performance and operational efficiencies. This would promote strategic decision making and improve your credibility among customers and stakeholders alike.

Customized Solutions - Having operated in this niche since 2014, we realize that each business has its own unique requirements. To this effect, it is but natural to ensure that technology solutions provided to you should be tailor-made to suit the situation at hand.


Why should you choose us?

Certifications - Not only are we DBE certified but have also featured among the Top 20 service providers in 2017 in the data analytics niche as listed by CIO Review magazine.

Preventive Maintenance - 'Prevention is better than cure' - Cliche though this adage may be, no-one realizes its implication better than those that handle critical big data and we are no exceptions.

Responsive Support - All you need to do is get in touch with one of our customer service representatives and your grievance will be promptly addressed. Likewise, you can rest assured that our team will not rest till an effective solution has been identified and duly implemented.

Scalable Systems - Big data might be overwhelming but the trick lies in unraveling it. We strongly believe in creating scalable systems that can be implemented with ease irrespective of the size of your organization.

Sustainable Solutions - It is our responsibility to provide you with technology solutions that are not just effective but also sustainable in the long run in terms of resources and infrastructure.

Customer Centric - We regard you as being as much a part of the team as we are and to this effect, educate you sufficiently to gain an in-depth understanding of big data handling. While we are always around, you can utilize this knowledge to improve operational efficiency of your business through informed decisions.

We are DBE Certified data-analytics-cioreview


What we offer

Data Analytics

Data analytics has multiple facets and approaches, encompassing diverse techniques under a variety of names, in different business and social science domains.InstaData provides predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions that help drive business decisions in real time.

Big Data

With hyperfast growth of data volume, variety and velocity across all domains, Big Data is now a reality. InstaData has significant expertise in storing, managing, processing Petabyte size data in varieties of technology stacks like Hadoop,AWS,EMR etc.

Decision Support System

The InstaData analytics platform removes uncertainty from business and organizational decisions by transforming data patterns into actionable strategies.

Business Intelligence

In addition to providing prescriptive analytics, the InstaData platform also provides self-service Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards that allows business users to drill down into data sets and enable big data exploration by visual data discovery.


What we do

We are Data Scientists

Companies produce huge amounts of data. Across all industries, servers are overflowing with usage logs, message streams, transaction records, sensor data, business operation records and mobile device data. Effectively analyzing these huge collections of data can create significant value for these companies. The data scientists at InstaData help companies organize categorize and analyze huge amounts of data.

In an analytics solution, almost 70% of the work is data preparation. InstaData develops detailed customizable algorithms for all steps involved in data preparation — including filtration, aggregation, data curation, data lineage, data imputation and data persistence.

Our data experts manage data throughout its life cycle, from creation and initial storage to the time when it is archived for posterity or becomes obsolete and is deleted.

We Help Businesses Make Data-Driven Decisions

We help businesses maximize the value of information, turning data into useful and actionable insights. We believe success stems from a thorough understanding of the full business impact of choices, and the utilization of analytics to drive these decisions at all levels of the business.

Various changes in the customer and business environment have disrupted traditional business models, distribution channels, supply chains, products and services. We help our customers to capitalize on the opportunities and address the challenges posed by changes to deliver sustainable market differentiation through analytics and data.

We transform an organization’s decision-making capabilities and processes via the implementation of an end-to-end analytics solution. A number of generic and customized models have been built to create solutions for problems from various domains. Our team has expertise in prediction and forecasting with both structured and unstructured data.

ITSM Consulting

InstaData Systems in partnership with InstaData India offers end-to-end IT Service Management (ITSM) consulting services, which involves management of information systems that delivers value to the companies’ customers. This includes activities like planning and managing changes to prevent disruption of business, rectifying and resolving issues and managing budgets.

The services we offer include process assessment, due diligence strategy development, process and workflow design, process implementation and continual service improvement. We also provide service on design and implementation of ITSL tools like ServiceNow.

Process Mining

A very niche area in the field of decision science, process mining is not used to find relationship in data patterns, but rather to find process relationships in the data. Process relationships provide an overview of processes and activities in those processes,deviations and process performance such as throughput, bottlenecks and discrepancies.

InstaData Systems, in partnership with InstaData India, provides expertise in providing solutions based on different process mining products like Celonis, QPR, DISCO, etc.


Angshuman Guin

Dr. Angshuman Guin, Co-founder of InstaData Systems, is a transportation engineer with more than 12 years of experience in Freeway Operations, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Transportation Safety, Traffic Simulation and Data Management. He also has a strong background in statistical analysis, traffic model development, instrument integration and software tool development. He has several patents to his name and has served on several standing committee of the Transportation Research Board including the committee on Highway Traffic Monitoring, the committee on Transportation Safety Management and the committee on User Information Systems. He has served on the review committee of several journals including the IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, the ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering and the Transportation Research Records of the TRB.

Arindam Chakrabarti

Mr. Arindam Chakrabarti, partner of InstaData systems, is a seasoned analytics software professional with 19 years of experience, in various organizations like TCS, Honeywell, SAS Institute, Infosys R&D and Bank Of NewYork Mellon Technology. He headed the Analytics & Machine Learning vertical in various organisations. Arindam is an engineering graduate from Jadavpur University, India and a management post graduate from INSEAD, France. He is a true innovator by heart, with multiple patents and publications, initiated multiple new products in last 10 years. InstaData India grew under his leadership. Arindam is an expert in Business Analytics, statistical modeling, Machine Learning algorithms, designing the whole analytics product including modeling and the visualization. He also has strong experience in Product management/development in multi-domain (Telecom, Retail, FSI, Advance Analytics, Data Visualization) on Big Data (Hadoop) stack, Defining product requirements based on customer, prospector and evaluator inputs, and market direction and condition.


Join us in our Journey

Life at Instadata Systems

In our office, every day begins with a challenge and ends with a win.

Life at InstaData is flexible. We work in a flexi-setup with no fixed hours because we believe that freedom and trust enable people to do their best work. Our InStars solve complex problems on a daily basis. What makes working at InstaData truly unique is our work culture, that encourages innovation and healthy competition. We do not believe in hierarchy, and our CEO is reachable to anybody at any time. At InstaData, we are all equal.

Balance is the key to build a strong and well-rounded team. Some of the key highlights of the InstaData team are:

  • A balanced team with both technology and business domain experts.
  • An average of over 30 years of industry exposure.

Case Study

Solutions provided by InstaData

Active Traffic Management Dashboard

Customer Need :- The traffic data that is collected on highways needs to be analyzed in real time to help make informed and effective real-time decisions and long-term strategies.

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